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The Cynx Vending Machine is a vending machine sold by Cynx. It was first released 2015 and is the first product released under the brand of Cynx.


  • Payment via L$ or RolePay
  • 6 different sodas (which all taste the same)
  • Fully configurable via notecard
    • Set your own price
    • Set reset time
    • 2 different modes (L$ or RP)
    • Enable/Disable sound
    • Enable hints for easier use
  • Dynamic lighting

Config Values

  • Price: This is the price the cans are sold for. If you want the cans given away for free, set mode to 'L$' and price to 0. If the price is above 3L$, a 50% commission will be taken in favour for you. So if you set the price to 5, you'll receive 3L$ while we receive 2L$. This does not apply for the RP mode.
  • Sound: If you set this to 'TRUE', a buzzing sound will be emitted from the vending machine.
  • Mode: Here you can select if you want to use RolePay or conventional L$.
  • Use general funds: If you enable this option, the money paid by the users will not transfer to you, but into the general rolepay pool. Not recommended if you want to get rich. Only applies when mode is set to 'RP'.
  • Taxes: If this option is enabled, you'll pay taxes on the income from the vending machine. The tax is set be the RP API key holder and can not be altered with the vendor. This option only matters when you use your personal fund and not the general fund. Only applies when mode is set to 'RP'.

Release Notes

  • v1.0 - 2016-02-13
    • Initial release